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"Fortune Favors the Audacious"

ASUL stands for Association Universitaire Latino-Américaine (Latin American University Association) and is a dynamic, pro-active and fast paced environment with a mixed team of professionals and young leader students in different fields and subjects. All the people working in this NGO are strongly attached to the social values that this non-profit organization prone. Awareness, compassion, democracy, diversity, ecology, education, equality, justice, liberty, peace, are just some of the big pillars of our association. 

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Shape your world by investing in yourself


Social Inclusion

We seek the beauty of creating, sharing and acting together.


European Certifications

We believe that only with skills and emotions we are able to enjoy the essence of life.


Training Courses

Education and self improvement are at the foundation of a prosperous society.

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“Be the change you want to see in the world” M.G.

 Association Universitaire Latino-Americaine

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