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"Fortune Favors the Audacious"

ASUL stands for Association Universitaire Latino-Américaine (Latin American University Association) and is a dynamic, pro-active and fast paced environment with a mixed team of professionals and young leader students in different fields and subjects. All the people working in this NGO are strongly attached to the social values that this non-profit organization prone. Awareness, compassion, democracy, diversity, ecology, education, equality, justice, liberty, peace, are just some of the big pillars of our association. 

Our Initiatives

Shape your world by investing in yourself


Social Inclusion

We seek the beauty of creating, sharing and acting together.


European Certifications

We believe that only with skills and emotions we are able to enjoy the essence of life.


Training Courses

Education and self improvement are at the foundation of a prosperous society.


Project: Equality has no gender

Objectives The main aim of “Equality has no gender (EHNG)” is to increase the awareness of gender issues in youth work by providing youth workers practical and reflective skills in working with young...

Project: FAke or FAct

Objectives Witnessing breaking news may require perfect timing, but sharing news is much easier – all you need to do is click a link. In the high-speed information free-for-all on social media...

Project: Everyone is born with RIGHTS

Objectives European societies have never been static, and transformation continues in all member states. In the last years, political and economic upheavals and war have spurred migrations to and...

Project: Youth Workers 4 Global Goals

Background In September 2015, the General Assembly of United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the...

Project: Stop Hate

Objectives The main aim of “STOP HATE” is to equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop practical tools and counter-arguments to online hate speech which they can use in...

Project: Islam is not the enemy

According to European islamophobia report (EIR) 2017, there is an evolution of Islamophobic developments and incidents in European countries. Although most European countries deny the existence of...

Project: Entrepreneurship Plus

The financial crisis of 2008 devastated national economies around the world. European countries are still recovering. But the spotlight is only now beginning to shine on one issue that could fracture...

Project: EUnique Identity

Over the last several years, many EU countries have seen a rise in support for populist, nationalist, antiestablishment political parties. These parties are often termed “Eurosceptic” because many...

Project: Social entrepreneurship 4 All

The changes in the world economy and technologies together with globalisation and society development strongly influence on a labour market. There is no anymore “job for life”, the industrial and...

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