We are ASUL: a young and dynamic European association.

ASUL : University Latin-American Association (in french: Association Universitaire latino-américaine) is a non-profit organization aiming to:

  • Cooperate for the integration and awareness of the different cultures present in the university, national and international reality, in particular Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Encourage social, economic and cultural development through academic, national and international co-operation, particularly in Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Establish partnerships with other national and international associations and organizations operating in the same field of development and cooperation.

The strength of this association? We are located in the heart of the European institutions and we have a strong network of contacts within universities and diplomatic representations.

Latest News


I’m a student in high school in Italy. With the help of the administration I was able to gather numerous students during an afternoon in order to discuss the Future of Europe.

Photos show students writing their ideas of change for Europe. Each one stood up and expressed 3 ideas of change. Goal was to communicate about progress but also to develop our rhetoric skills.

Be involved in a European project and discuss about change for our life were a first time for many students. In view of the success of the project, we will certainly do it again !




I organized a meeting with the younger generation in my old high school. In my opinion, young people are already more sensitive to social, digital and ecology matters than older one. It is easier to talk to this generation than other. Moreover they are the most concerned.

The 15 th of June, I have created an event where the priority and watchword was : EXCHANGE. Exchange about the Future in Europe in general. Students were aged of 18-19 y.o but from diverse origins : immigrants, wealth parents, middle classes, …

What I retained it is :

  • Future is really important for young generation, in particular ecological issues
  • They want to participate to the Future of Europe but they don’t know where to find info
  • They are really into participative democratic mechanisms as such referendum




During the month of June I have organized several meetings with people who following me in my social media. Those strangers became now friends !

During those meetings, we have discussed every-time about the 3 topics of #eurochangemaker : Digital, Green and Social. At the beginning people were shy to express their opinions, had fear to have differents views. But, as things progress, people were more confortable !

I will be thrilled to spread our thoughts during the 5th edition of EDYS – European Digital Youth Summit. 

Stay tuned





The 27th of May we organized the neighborhood day ! We gathered around 40 people this day in order to meet us but also discuss about the Future of Europe and the need that people feel in their day to day life.

At the end, we were people between 18 month old and 87 y.o from unemployed to banker or engineer ! Such a good afternoon !

What we can underline is the incomprehension and misleading about Europe.
Many thought Europe as unreachable, where their voices weren’t listened and without links with President/ Prime minister. In sum, disconnected.
But with this project and by talking to them. Minds are changing !

Léa & César



As a student at ULB but also at Science Po’ I was able to gather some of my team mate. A classroom was gracefully lend to us in order to discuss about the Future of Europe and in particular about the sustainability of cities.

Cities will face some challenges in the next years : air pollution, high temperature. We know that tree can regulate those problems. But other solutions exist : blue or white road, sun-visor, use material which do not conduct heat, … Our system must change. We were 14 people in the meeting but ideas were in effervescence !

We were all Erasmus student but we agreed on the urge to act.




Thanks to the FEDER fund which is a European fund aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its region, the Beer Palace in Brussels was created.



The purpose of the project is to create a new cultural, commercial and tourist center around Belgian beer in the Stock Exchange building in Brussels.
I interviewed some of the clients, we can sum up the comments with those three quotes
– “It is not just a bar, Europe doesn’t finance bar ! Here, what is really  important is the idea to preserve and show our culture
– ” Beer in Brussels and in Belgium is sacred, it is monks people who grew the beer. Beer is a huge culture part of Brussels, people gather around it
– ” Here is an important place for two reason, first one is the location. We are located in the Old Stock Exchange monument. Second the theme, the Beer. Both  are really important in the history of Belgium and in the heart of Belgian citizen
#EuroCM #EuroCMinmyregion