• Sharing experience – Nikola Velkov

    Sharing experience – Nikola Velkov

    If there is one thing in the world that should be regarded higher than all else, it should be the laying and upholding of a set of universal human rights. This is the foundation of a morally mature and functioning society. Unfortunately, in our quality of men, greed, envy and fear of change have always […]

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  • Sharing experience –  Isabel Villarreal

    Sharing experience – Isabel Villarreal

    Young people from different European countries met in Brussels to complete a course on human and minority rights. Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”? This was my first project, so I was a bit nervous at first, but I was very well received by both my colleagues […]

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  • Sharing experience – Samuel eghagha

    Sharing experience – Samuel eghagha

    In my opinion the training course was really interesting. It was a really nice experience where I even got to know new people from other countries, and conseguently discover new cultures and traditions. Thanks to this project I was able to learn new things.I would advise everyone to partecipate in this type of project because […]

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  • Sharing experience – Katya Aneva

    For me it was a real pleasure to participate in the project “Everybody is born with Rights’’ , to meet new young people from different countries interested in the topic of human rights and minorities, to spend one week in non-formal learning process and to share opinions and ideas.  I had the opportunity to learn […]

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  • Sharing experience –  Giorgia Nardi

    Sharing experience – Giorgia Nardi

    Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”?  I think the project “Everybody is born with rights” was interesting and informative, especially thanks to the way we talked about the topic in non-formal lesson (using role play, games and group activities) and give me the opportunity to reflect on […]

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  • Sharing experience –  Stefania Renda

    Sharing experience – Stefania Renda

    1: Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”? In my opinion the training course was really interesting and informative. The project was very compelling, especially the way we were taught; in fact thanks to this informal method of teaching, it kept my interest much more than the common method of instruction. […]

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  • [Project Approved] Everyone is born with RIGHTS

    [Project Approved] Everyone is born with RIGHTS

    The main aim of “Everyone is born with RIGHTS (EBWR)” project is to develop youth workers knowledge and skills in key concepts of human rights education with minority young people. In this regard, the specific objectives of the project for youth workers are: -To make participants aware of and deepen their understanding of concepts of […]

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