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Sharing experiences – Smaranda-Ioana Vlad

Last December I was more than excited to participate in an amazing project in Brussels-“EUnique Identity” along with other 5 nationalities.

There are several reasons why I will remember this project for a very long time and some of them will be developed below.

First of all, being surrounded by people form 5 other countries: Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium made me aware of how different we are as cultures. It was very fun to get lost on the streets of Brussels and to discover meanwhile how other languages sound and what makes every country special. The intercultural night also helped with this when I was able to taste some specific traditional food (…and drinks!)

Secondly, the visits to the European Institutions and the conferences on the theme of the project enriched my knowledge related to how EU works and what EU offers to its members. I was honored to meet people that work every day in the service of the European Commission of Parliament in order to ensure a better tomorrow.

In the end, I can say that is was an excellent opportunity for me to discover “The capital of the European Union” along with other 24 wonderful youth, coordinated by the best organizers. (Thank you again, Lea and Cesar!).

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