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I think that being part of an international project it’s very important for us. Getting to know other people and being involved in international activities opens us up and we can see the world different.

After taking part in the training course “Stop Hate”, I realized how important it is to speak your mind, to see that the world itself it’s changing day after day and that we should be more patient with people around us. We are not alone of course and most of the time we can be close to someone who needs help and support. There are many ideas spread around and we should listen to others and try to understand their life and their decisions without judging.

I wanted to be part of this training course because I consider myself a strict person and I wanted to get more open about the new ideas and see how people change or want to change. I think it is important to be part of a group, with people who don’t always share the same ideas, mostly to communicate about that and learn that each of us has something special to offer.

I really appreciate that our mentors were really prepared for this course and the theme also. We did many interactive things and we played games that made us closer to each other. We were “forced” to make friends and that in the end it’s just amazing. Another thing that I liked very much was the combination between classes and games and that worked very well for us as participants.

Also we discussed important issues and problems that people face, and even major problems worldwide. I can say, honestly that I grew up a lot during this course. I think it was an amazing experience, I saw different people and it was a great pleasure to work as a group and discuss on difficult themes. After this experience we organized a workshop to spread our knowledge and experience.

Adina Ioana

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