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Sharing experiences – Marion Prevot

Marion participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Social entrepreneurship 4 All was a great experience to meet new people and to learn new things. I am really happy that I have participated to this program. The days were well organized with non-formal games which made me discover a new asset of management and team building. I think I will use some of the workshops for my future job. But at the same time, I learned some useful tools to start my own business. The project is great because it joins young people from different European countries and it raises awareness about social enterprises but also it helps discover different nationalities trough their local points of views. The most important thing that I learned during this program is that the European Union is really willing to help young social entrepreneurs to start their own start-ups.

Social entrepreneurs do not think of money as a priority. Their priority is to improve the society, make a better world. And It’s really important that young people get inspiration and trainings because they are the present. They have the energy to make small moves. Sometimes they do not have the knowledge and that is why this kind of program is a great way to learn and share important data. Social entrepreneurs are changing the world even if they start locally. Locally means that you can concentrate all your motivation in what is surrounding you, what is achievable, perceivable. You can react fast to a situation. Apparently, it takes three weeks to change your habits. So, if we all start to change the world even if it really feels like a small step like not throwing anything on the ground, taking your bike instead of your
car, recycle, treating women equally and other persons as well even if they are different from you just respect them treat them well. Respect, Education and Motivation are really key words that are essential to make our world better.


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