Social Entrepreneurship 4 All

Sharing experiences – Madalina Neagu

Madalina participated in the Training Course “Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain.

“Social Entrepreneurship for ALL” project was for me one of the best experience I have ever had. I had the opportunity to meet people with similar ideas as mine and to learn a lot of things about Social Entrepreneurship practice all over the world.
It was a very nice experience to be in different teams during the project, because I had the opportunity to know more not only about social entrepreneurship but also about people from different countries with different cultures than mine.
Social Entrepreneurship is nowadays the engine of improving society’s life, Social Entrepreneurship is not only about making profit but also about having an ideal, more important than what you can gain from business. It is about your ethic to find your sense in life and to make it count.

We have learned about different social entrepreneurs and their’s brilliant ideas, but also we learned essential concepts about this topic and the main financing sources four our’s businesses ideas. Also we simulate how to present a pitch in front of investors and we made the famous elevator exercise. We have learned how to debate using strong arguments and how to develop a business plan using business Canvas Model.
Another interesting exercise was when we have to debate about different topic and we discovered the common ideas and the different ones. It was a good exercise to talk more one with each other and to know more about the different countries we are from.
The most important thing that I have learned during this project was about how people can change the world with ambition and innovative ideas of social businesses and help to improve billion people life’s.
I attached here a picture with some friends walking in beautiful region Toremolinos and just look how happy we are. Was an amazing experience and I am so proud that I have been a part of an ASUL project and making a lot of friends. The most fitting word is great, was really great!

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