EUnique Identity

Sharing experiences – Madalina Maria

On 17 December I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the training course “EUnique Identity”, in Bruxelles, Belgium, host of the main European Institutions.

I recommend this project to everyone interested to know more about how the European Parliament and European Commission work and also for those looking for an amazing intercultural experience.

The conferences and workshops I assisted made me more aware of my European Identity and also increased my sense of belonging in the European Union.

One of the most important things that I learnt in this project was about the opportunities that the European Union has for young people and why it is important to understand and get involved in the European elections.

I absolutely loved meeting beautiful people from Belgium, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain, who taught me new things about their language, traditions and food. The main reason why I love Erasmus projects is that I can meet inspiring people while traveling and learning in the same time.

As always the project was really well organized and I want to thank our organizers, who were so kind and helpful, for all the effort they made to make this beautiful experience possible.

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