Social Entrepreneurship 4 All

Sharing experiences – Elena Cosmina Irina

Elena participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

For me, the project Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL was my second Erasmus Plus Project which took place in Malaga, Spain and it was more than I expected. Although it was a Training Course project which implies more theoretical information than practical, this one had an excellent way to combine the both ways.

The theoretical parts were transposed into practical activities through which the information was better understood and applied. I really liked the diversity of people regarding the culture, experience and lifestyle and their ideas and the fact that they shared their ideas, opinions and advice with us.

From all the things I’ve learned and seen, I would like to write about the two most important things I became aware there. The first one is that no matter in which social category you are in, you still can be a leader or a boss of your own business and the second one is the more you want to do a thing, the more you start to work about it and give the biggest interest for it and become reality. Also, I learned it is essential to make relationships in all kind of fields and get good ideas from it. The topic was Social Entrepreneurship and it was debated in many ways. I think that the owners of these kind of businesses can make a change in a society through their own examples. Social Entrepreneurs can improve the economy of society or local society, they can help the environment, people, especially children and women.

There are entrepreneurs everywhere around us, no matter what kind of, but the social entrepreneurs beside the rest of them, work with ideas that have a smaller or bigger impact on us. They can adapt their business model in order to represent their interest and make profit, but in the same time they help the society in different ways and why not to solve our world’s greatest issues.

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