Stop Hate

Sharing Experiences – Danish Team

after the very successful project “Stop Hate” in Torremolinos at the beginning of November about online hate speech and how to produce effective counter-narratives we (Danish Youth Team) organized a workshop to bring more local awareness about this very relevant and important topic in Aarhus, Denmark.
Find attached pictures about our internal meeting in November in the office where we discussed how to organize the workshop about “Stop Hate“.
And finally, some pictures we took during the afternoon, where we held the dissemination workshop at the beginning of December. Lots of interested youngsters and students approached us and wanted to know more. It is still a topic that has not enough awareness but involves and affects (almost) everyone in our society, hence projects like this are an important part to raise this awareness and start doing something against it.
Thank you again for organizing this project, it was very eye-opening, and made strong human connections across Europe possible.

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