Islam is not the enemy

Sharing Experiences – Bulgarian Team – Кръг ЗаМисъл / Cycle For Thought

We spent a truly inspiring week in Malaga and we learned so much about Islamophobia and how to deal with prejudice and how to influence people in a positive way through communication. We shared our points of view and it was really interesting listening to those of other people. The debates got us so much involved in the topic and we learned how to defend different beliefs and find legitimate arguments for each mindset. This exemplifies very well how stereotypes are formed because if you want to believe in something you will always find ways to justify it. We enjoyed all the activities and felt a lot of friendship chemistry towards the other participants on the project.

Everyone was sharing the European values and the same unique energy. The training was very well structured and covered a lot of aspects of Islam beliefs and values, and touched controversial topics and recent shifts in European social and political life such as terrorism, refugee crisis, and political parties in Europe. We really enjoyed the fact that the trainings were very interactive and innovative. It wasn’t like being in a university hall and listening to a boring lecture. All the participants took very active roles in the trainings which were structured as games and presentations. It really helped us to brainstorm and develop our abilities to be creative and more understanding and accepting towards different people and different views and opinions.

Our group of people was really diverse, but in the same time we had so much in common so it really helped us to bond with each other and be able to have interesting and valuable discussions on the Islamophobia topic, but also on general topics such as European integrity and future. We all had similar views about the future of Europe and we all work hard to make Europe a better place for all people no matter their differences. We all work hard to fight propaganda, stigmatism and stereotypes, which are the reasons to have Islamophobia as a thing at the first place.

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