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Sharing Experiences – Belgian Team

Our experience in Torremolinos was very interesting, we had the opportunity to spend very intense days full of different activities which helped us discover the city, the people, and  Europe that are increasingly attentive to the issues of integration and education. Incredibly, we managed to create an environment of complicity in a few days.

In Torremolinos, we were happy to be able to share our personal experience with other guys from different cultural backgrounds. Without any doubt, it was an experience that enriched us, allowing us to get “out of the box” and learn about new dynamics. The beauty of this project was the fact that the participants came from different European cities and this led us to live a unique training experience together.

During the activities we were able to understand each other better and where we wanted to go, and how we dream of a better Europe. We learned new things and talked about important topics.

The project also gave us the opportunity to understand better topics such as discrimination and hatred. We understood the responsibility of becoming ambassadors and avoiding this type of aggression in our communities and environments. This experience made us feel as active European citizens who have the courage to become witnesses and propose concrete ideas to share what we have learned.

We had a very positive experience!!!

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