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Sharing experience – Zare Kakoyan

I am Zare Kakoyan and am student at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I recently attended the seminar ,,Islam is Not the Enemy,, in Spain. This was a project of EU, Erasmus+. For me the project “Islam is Not the Enemy,” was my first Erasmus Plus project and it was more exciting for me. Everything was new and interesting for me. The topic is a favourite thema  of me, because I want to get involved in the history of religion, because religions have many challenges in the 21st century. The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts. Through the practical part and the games, we made the topic very well known to us in a very short time. Nowadays the topic is very topical and relevant. I think it is very right to do this seminar in Spain, because there is a mixture of the two biggest religions in the world.

In Spain I had an impression that Spain is an EU country, but at the same time it is not an EU country. The mixture of two cultures were so beautifully harmonized together, as if the country is another world. In my opinion, we should take this phenomenon as an example and imprint it in our countries. The urban atmosphere has forced us to recognize the theme very closely. The seminar was interactively, so we could not only take something with us from the lecturers, but also from the participants. Thanks to this seminar I now often make comparisons between Germany and Spain in the field of Islam.

Besides knowledge I also spent an unforgettable and beautiful time there. The people were totally nice. I have now made good contacts and most importantly, I have now good friends.

I thank you for unforgettable time in the beautiful Spain.

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