Islam is not the enemy

Sharing experience – Thomas Coutinho Lehnen

My experience in Malaga was outstanding. I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to fly to another country to participate in a training course that dealt with one of Europe’s biggest modern challenges, Islamophobia. I came back home feeling more informed about the issue and more ready to help even further to tackle issues like that in the future.
When I arrived there, I didn’t have many expectations. I wanted to surprise myself and see how it was going to turn out as time passed by. The first days were amazing. We met with the other associations and got to know each other. We ended up building a strong group dynamic that was effective for the days that followed. The coordinators were very responsible people and showed us multiple ways to work on a problem by assigning us to different projects which we had to present.

It was also very helpful that we got to engage more with each other verbally and exchange thoughts and opinions about the issue. As the program progressed, we were working more and more intensively and making ourselves wiser and more aware. The fact that multiple people from different ethnic or social backgrounds ended up working and understanding each other so well fascinates me, it was something beautiful to see. I felt like all of Europe was coming into one room in a hotel in Spain to work together on a continent- and worldwide issue.
I am happy and thankful for having participated in this Erasmus+ program and I am ready for more. I would also recommend it to any soul who’s willing to do the same. This week in Malaga will always remain as one of the most culturally rich and empowering trips I have ever made.

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