Sharing experience – Spanish Team

Workshops of Bulgarian team members:

In these two sessions, the Spanish participants of this training course – Natalia, Alejandro, Mónica and Carla – will explain the development of the project, their experience and what they have learnt, and will gladly answer any question that the audience may have. We hope that other people learn about gender equality while being encouraged to participate in other training courses or youth exchanges of the EU.

The presentation will cover how we have had the chance to truly understand gender equality with multiples examples and deep debates. Indeed, sharing our views on the proposed topics have fostered understanding among young people from different backgrounds. In addition, we have made wonderful friends from other countries that we hope we will see again in the future.

The most important thing that we have learn is that we shouldn’t judge people before knowing them and that there are still many things to improve in all our countries in order to get gender equality. Moreover, there are some differences among European countries, such as wage gap or gender roles that strongly influence the organization of society, that we may not be aware of. 

Come and get to discover our whole experience in Brussels!

These workshop were realized in Barcelone and Madrid to discuss the knowledge learnt during the training course in Brussels

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