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Sharing experience – Sofia Santos

Taking part in the Erasmus+ training course ‘Islam is not the Enemy’ was an inspiring opportunity to learn more about the dangers of Islamophobia and radicalization. Along with 24 participants from 6 different countries we worked together to find ways to tackle the growing anti-muslim sentiment that has been widespread through Europe recently.
Personally speaking, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course! Contrary to what I expected most activities were fun hands-on tasks which encouraged us to take an active role in adding to the discussion. Some of these include: Role playing activities, mock political campaigns, poster and video presentations, research projects and more. Every exercise was purposeful and well organised which helped us develop both personal and teamwork skills in addition to better understanding the topic as a whole. The activity that stands out to me the most were the large group debates where we had to position ourselves both for and against each issue we discussed, motivating us to understand and argue for both sides of the matter in spite of our personal opinions.

In addition to the learning experience, one of the highlights of the trip was the incredible and diverse group of youth workers we had the chance to meet. Everyone was kind and welcoming creating a true sense of team spirit. I made many friends from countries I have never been to before and am compelled to visit them in their home towns or even work with them in the future. The location of the project also contributed to the overall morale, Malaga was incredibly sunny with beautiful beaches, interesting attractions, tasty food and friendly locals.
I would like to thank the organizers as well as the facilitators for this wonderful experience and would recommend this kind of project to anyone interested in broadening their horizons.

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