Everyone is born with RIGHTS

Sharing experience – Nikola Velkov

If there is one thing in the world that should be regarded higher than all else, it should be the laying and upholding of a set of universal human rights. This is the foundation of a morally mature and functioning society. Unfortunately, in our quality of men, greed, envy and fear of change have always been a hurdle to the establishment of a world in which human rights are respected entirely and everybody is truly equal. This is where education comes into play.

“Everybody is born with human RIGHTS” was a training course which took place in the heart of EU, Brussels. During our 7 day stay there we got a solid grip on the theory and the application of the rights set by the UDHR and the ECHR. Our two trainers were passionate about improving us as human beings, both during the lectures and our free time. What personally shook me was the complexity of the issue of minority rights, how the situation of the affected leads to a perpetuatiaton of a cycle of crime, human rights violations and then more crime. One of the most important lessons from the course was that of liability- as much as we are responsible of protecting our personal rights, we should also stand up against violations that affect our fellow humans.
This is why education is so important- if every person in the world could take part in a project like this one, I believe that the universal human rights would truly be universally upheld. Thus, in the future, I hope to be able to teach this lesson of liability to my colleagues and friends in a similar way it was taught to me.

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