Sharing experience – Latvian Team

Interview answers of Bulgarian team members:

1) Can you share with us your opinion about the training « Equality has no gender » ?
2) What is the most important thing you have learnt during the training course ?

This course had a good informational basis, despite the fact that I’m quite familiar with the
topic, there were still some new things I learned. I really liked the fact that it was built on
knowledge about EU structure and social values, as someone who is interested in the way it
works. I would like to express my thanks to Giorgia, as she did a great job organising lectures
and events.
The most important thing I have learned is how important the human communication is. The
most valuable findings were heard during live discussion on topic with the rest of the group,
and when interviewing random people as part of the tasks we had


Workshops of Bulgarian team members:


A part of the group from Latvia, we have conducted a dissemination on our training course. We invited members of the
student union of Latvijas Universitāte to attend a workshop on expanding the knowledge on topic
of equality and developing initiatives to make the situation better in our university.


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