Sharing experience – Katya Aneva

For me it was a real pleasure to participate in the project “Everybody is born with Rights’’ , to meet new young people from different countries interested in the topic of human rights and minorities, to spend one week in non-formal learning process and to share opinions and ideas.  I had the opportunity to learn better the Articles of the UDHR and their importance through discussions, games, role-play games etc.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why we must fight for equality?

Everybody is born with equal human rights. I think that the main problem is that we don’t have a lot of real communication with minority groups in our everyday life so it’s important to interact more with them in order to see that they do not differ so much from us and that we share the same needs and problems and only knowing each other better we can live in peaceful society working together for a better future.

Which of the Articles of the UDHR you found more interesting? Why? 

I consider all the Articles of the UDHR very important and interesting and that they should all be respected by everyone and are valid for everybody. But may be the first article – Obligation to respect human rights is the one that somehow generalize the main idea of equality and tolerance.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your 


I got more familiar with the Articles of the UDHR, with the discrimination of minorities and learned new non-formal methods on how to show/teach young people about the problems of intolerance and lack of equality. I develop my empathetic skills towards minority groups and respecting human rights in general. After the project I took part in a cooking workshop in  my city together with refugees and migrants promoting intercultural dialogue. I would also like to continue my art workshops with refugee women and children from minority groups.

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