Everyone is born with RIGHTS

Sharing experience – Jaime Pérez Terol

I was a participant in the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS” that took place in Brussels between 31st August – 7th September. I really liked the projects and that was because of its topic. I am really interested in democratic processes, in human rights and in minorities.

During this project I had the opportunity to learn more about this topic and how they are implemented around Europe and worldly in general. It was nice how we addressed the field with role plays, debates, and presentations, which helped all of us to understand better the human rights situation.

Promoting human rights is important because everyone has to have the right to live a life with dignity. Also, if it is not for them (the minorities, developing regions, etc.) we should do it for us. If we assure human rights for everyone, we are assuring them for us in the future too. Moreover, the more people have human rights and opportunities to live a proper life, the more the world is going to progress.

About the articles, I would like to highlight the number 5 of the ECHR “Right to liberty and security”. This article is really important, it is such that is the one included in some of the commercial and political agreements the EU has made with other regions, as in the LOMÉ IV agreement, in which if this right was not respected, the EU would cut the financial aid.

The most important thing I have learned is that we, as Europeans, do not have our rights as assured as we may think. I mean, in Europe, even if most of us don’t realize, there are some violations of human rights, mostly of minorities, and they really need our help. Hence, my sharing plan is to speak about this topic with my friends and maybe make some role play to make it more enjoyable.

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