Sharing experience – Italian Team

Workshops of Bulgarian team members:

Italian Team has creating a PowerPoint presentation in order to spread their knowledge acquire during the Training Course in Brussels. They have display it to several young people.

Interview answers of Bulgarian team members:

1) Can you share with us your opinion about the training « Equality has no gender » ?
2) What is the most important thing you have learnt during the training course ?

This training course was a great opportunity to understand what other people of my age think about the gender gap and gender equality, a current and important issue nowadays. In Brussels, I had the opportunity to encounter some differences of thoughts between me and other people regarding not only the main topic but also many other themes where critical thinking was at the centre.   Regarding Italy, this is an issue that could be fixed first of all from school teaching method, which should be based more on debates and sharing of opinions among teachers and peers. Equality has no gender has been a very interesting topic for me, because I’ve never been so focused on issues based on gender diversity, and discussions like that, may be due to my male gender. After this training course, I learnt why this topic should be more discussed, especially because there’re people that suffer from various psychological and social consequences, especially in work and school contexts. 

The most important thing I learnt during the training course is that different people have different points of views and different education methods, but often have the same needs.


This training made me even more conscious about how gender equality gap is still nowadays an issue in our society and our lives. Talking in depth about the topic through constructive workgroups and activities was helpful not only in order to become more familiar with the gender equality theme but was also an opportunity to listen to people’s different point of views from various country. I feel grateful for having the chance to take part of this Erasmus project and come in acknowledge of many aspects about the theme, at the same time I’m sorry that in our day life this current topic is not really taken into consideration. I really hope that each of us can do his and her own little contribute in order to face the gender gap issue.

Besides learning a lot about the ‘Equality has no gender’ topic thank to this experience I had the opportunity to meet many interesting and smart people with whom I could share ideas, experiences, dreams and ambitions. It was the first time for me being part of this training and I find it amazing spending time with wonderful people that I can undoubtedly consider as friends now! It’s hard to select the most important because I feel that I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. First all it was very hard for me to talk in front of people, but this friendly and open-minded environment helps me to feel more free to share my ideas without being judged. Meeting people from different part of the world, was again another discovery for me: you never stop to learn from different countries cultures and habitudes! This experience also made me think a lot about my future and it was very helpful because again I realized how much I’d like to study, work and live in an international and resourceful context like this. 


This training course helped me to learn more things about a topic that i didn’t  know at all, and made me aware of the differences in society. The Exchange of ideas and opinions with the other youth workers helped me expand my knowledge about the topic, and made me realize about problems i wasn’t fully aware of.

During this course i learnt many things. The chance of meeting so many smart and amazing  people opened my mind on so many things. I had the chance to talk about future ambitions and professional development. It was an Amazing experience for me, and without hesitation, I would like to participate to another project. I learnt to be more confident because i didn’t feel judged in any way when exposing my ideas during meetings and not even when talking about my defects when talking to other participants of the course. Participants are not part of my network. I am really thankful to the people who offered me such an opportunity to learn about this topic and to meet such amazing and smart people, i’ll gladly participate to another training course again ☺.







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