Sharing experience – German Team

Workshops of Bulgarian team members:

In one picture Palina is telling to young people about gender equality (on the poster is ‘’ equality has no

On the second picture I’m telling to young people about the diversity and at the same time about
equality, we all are human beings and we need to accept each other as we are

Interview answers of Bulgarian team members:

1) Can you share with us your opinion about the training « Equality has no gender » ?
2) What is the most important thing you have learnt during the training course ?

I think it’s a great idea to create a course which aims to inform young people about gender
equality. Women especially suffered a lot because of their gender and they were pressed and
underrated. It’s changing nowadays fortunately and thank such kind of training courses young
people are more open minded, more respectful and tolerant.

I’m really happy I had the opportunity to participate to this project because it gave me a chance to
learn more about the topic, meet wonderful people from different countries and know their
imagination about the topic. Also it was a great experience to interview people in Brussels and
know how they think about gender equality!
Was a Great experience. Thanks for that!

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