Sharing experience – Bulgarian Team 

Interview answers of Bulgarian team members:

1) Can you share with us your opinion about the training « Equality has no gender » ?
2) What is the most important thing you have learnt during the training course ?

Participating in the training provided me with the invaluable opportunity to learn a lot on the topic of
gender equality, real-life situations many people are facing and dealing with. It was extremely
interesting to hear other people’s views and exchange ideas and perspectives.
Last but not least interesting aspect is the fact that representatives of so many cultures took part.
It is hard to choose only one thing as “most import” that I learnt as the overall experience was
enriching and has broadened my horizons. I would say getting the perspective from so many different
countries and cultures on the topic.

For me personally, attending this course was very involving as I am generally interested in this topic.
To be able to share my opinion and hear others’ was precious. And additionally I find it exciting that
people from so many different countries were there. Those are only few of the reasons why I believe
that such European exchanges and training courses are so valuable and make you richer as a
person and part of the society.
For me maybe the most important thing to learn was to hear personally real stories and opinions
from so many different cultures.

It was an incredible experience thanks to which I learned more about the topic, heard different
opinions and listened to personal stories. I met wonderful people and discovered new cultures. I
loved the discussions and the fact that people were not afraid to share their point of view, no matter
how different it was from others. They shared their own experiences and accepted each other despite
their differences. I believe this is the way to grow and discover new horizons.
I learned a lot during the training, but perhaps the most important thing for me was hearing different
perspectives and personal stories. This way I was able to see how many different opinions there are
and develop my knowledge on the subject.

Between 10th and 18th of July I have participated in the Erasmus + Project “Equality has no gender”.
During this project I learned how to work in groups, cooperate with different opinions and we
discussed any violence we see in our everyday life. For one week we were able to find violence not
only in gender, but in different topics such as: immigrants’ rights, people with disability rights and
much more. I have learnt not to judge people on the first look and prejudices, because there is a lot
more hidden inside, which hides the true value of each and every person.
I truly believe that I’ve learnt a lot but if I have to choose only one thing to define as the most important
it was to be able to listen to other peoples’ opinions and to understand that there are many points of
view, we need to be very tolerant and understanding in order to be able to live in a society and be
part of it.


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