Sharing experience – Bulgarian Team

Workshops of Bulgarian team members:

The main idea of this workshop was to open participants to share their perspective and ideas on questions related to gender equality.

Each person is given a sheet of paper, one person dictates open- ended questions.

People write down their comment/answer, then rotate, so that on one sheet of paper the answers of different people are written. This removes the pressure from people who are shy to speak or share their opinion in front of others. At the end the answers are read loud and this prompts a fruitful discussion.

There were people less familiar with the topic who managed to broaden their horizons and open their minds. Others were very active and well-informed.

During the second activity, people were
encouraged for a limited amount of time to try to
speak in a gender-neural way. After this
experience, participants share their feeling and
the fact how deeply rooted the gender in the
language is and how it affects peoples’
Further discussion was prompted comparing
gender across different languages, e.g the
German “der Mond” (male) and the Spanish “la
luna” (female) describing the moon and
discussing how differently they are represented
in art and literature, thanks to this difference.
This method was applied to generalise the idea.

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