Everyone is born with RIGHTS

[Project Approved] Everyone is born with RIGHTS

The main aim of “Everyone is born with RIGHTS (EBWR)” project is to develop youth workers knowledge and skills in key concepts of human rights education with minority young people. In this regard, the specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:

-To make participants aware of and deepen their understanding of concepts of human rights.
-To improve practical skills for taking action for asserting human rights of youth minority.
-To understand who are minorities, what are human rights and minority rights, how youth minorities are discriminated and how abuse of human rights minorities can generate negative outcomes.
-To learn what must be done to achieve equality and to create more tolerant societies for youth minorities.
-To learn how to carry out an advocacy campaign.
-To develop a strong network and possibly plan for the creation of human rights local communities and future cooperation projects.

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