On the 29/10/2021 we organized our National Civic Hackathon ! It took place in Bruxelles and gather 26 people from all ages and thoughts. Due to covid, 2 sessions where organized to respect safe distances. 

During those sessions, our participants discussed over three main topics : Digital, Green and Social. Wonderful and Insightful ideas came up : 

  • Digital : two main subjects were on 
    • Bad impact of social medias due to unrealistic pictures ans wrong body images sent to young generation. The solution is to oblige influencers to put a trademark when photo are retouched  
    • The alarming amount of scam and or bad qualities products sold by influencers. The solution is to create laws and punitions for those who sold those kind of product, a police dedicated on social media should be created
  • Green : two main themes were selected :
    • We heard about global warming and simple gesture to do but in university, in the street, at school, in building… garbage cans are or missing or without a selective sorting. Europe must oblige institutions like school, university and state to install selective sorting cans
    • Diesel and gasoline are polluting the Earth. People who are willing to change their ways to transport are stuck because of the lack of other energy stations as LGP or Electric. Europe can, as charger for mobile, impose a unique electric charger for car and incite for LGP and electric station
  • Social : two concerns emerged : 
    • Students can be blocked in their studies. The solution is to let them access freely to database like they are already eligible to visit museums freely. The same should go with online database used for their studies
    • So many homeless people will be kept in the streets. The solution is first to offered a psychologic aid in order to understand why they’re here and progressively reinsert them into the society


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