EUnique Identity

Interview – Maya Yordanova

Maya participated in the Training Course “EUnique Identity” organized by ASUL in Brussels, Belgium.

Hello Maya! Can you give us your opinion about the project “EUnique Identity” Brussels, Belgium?

The project was really fun! It was such a pleasure visiting the EU-Parliament and the EU-Commission! I believe it was a good experience and I got quite a lot of information about different topics connected to the EU-Institutions and what the EU is. I also think that it was good, that we also had the time to explore the beautiful Brussels.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

I learned that there are a lot more things that the EU can provide to the young people, like different projects, traineeship programs and a lot more. I learned how important it is to actually promote more involvement in the elections of our representatives in the EU-Parliament  among our fellow citizens and that we also can participate in the political life. I learned that I have a lot more to learn about the EU overall and that I should keep a closer look at what’s happening in all fellow EU-countries.

Apart from the topic of the project, I got to work on my languages, which was really nice, since I study Linguistics in my home country. I met a lot of interesting people that were also interested in learning more about the political life in Europe and of course about the different cultures. I learned more about the language Esperanto from people that study, teach and practice it.  We also talked about “fake news” and I learned to watch out for those and how I can distinguish the right from the fake information.

How can the EUnique-Identity contribute to the Society?

I believe that it would be good if everybody, especially the people from the EU-countries find time to look more into the topic of EU-Identity. We live in the EU and it’s important to know what that means. That way we will be able to participate more and understand why certain decisions made in the politics are good or bad and we’ll be more content and in touch with what’s happening in our life. Knowing more about what the EU does and is, means better knowledge about our rights, responsibilities and opportunities we have as EU-citizens.  I also believe that knowing more about the EU will create a stronger EU-identity, a stronger bond and better understanding among the citizens of the different EU-countries.

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