Social Entrepreneurship 4 All

Interview – Chiara, Antonio, Mirko (Associazione RUANA)

Chiara, Antonio and Mirko participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Hello guys! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL“?

In our opinion, the project was really interesting, challenging and fun. The topic and the context were new, but in the end, we learned new things, known new people of different nationalities and different culture, and it was fantastic. This is why we believe everyone should have an experience of this kind in their live.


What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?
During the project, thanks to the activities and presentations on the various topics related to Social Entrepreneurship, we learned a lot. Many of the things were new, but the topic was so interesting and current that learning was easier. In addition, games and group activities have allowed us to deepen the most important concepts. Two important concepts are those that: for young people, in Europe, there are many interesting possibilities that must be exploited to realize their projects and that to achieve something good, cooperation is important.

How can Social Entrepreneurship contribute to Society?

Surely, we think that our current productive and business models will be unsustainable for the future. Our world increasingly needs this kind of Social Entrepreneurship. In fact, these would guarantee a better social and environmental balance that we need. The training-course showed us how much social divide there is in many countries, and we have seen how brave men and women have created social business to change the situation and try to solve this big problem. However, we realized that support from political institutions is always fundamental.

How social entrepreneurs are changing the world?

We may be too optimistic, but we think this kind of Entrepreneurship can change the world. The attention to the Environment as a primary requirement of these companies is certainly an important point. Our world needs more attention. The future is in our hands and we hope that, inspired by the course, to many as we have come the desire to realize our entrepreneurial dreams in key of Social Entrepreneurship.

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