FAke or Fact

FAke or FAct workshop

Workshop by Alexander from Slovakia 


“The workshop which I organized took place on 23.10.2021 in Astorka- Learning and Accomodation Center of Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. As I am also part of ESN Brno (Erasmus Student Network Brno) participants of this workshop were international students studying in Brno. We talked about what is fake news, how to distinguish them and how to spread awareness about this topic. The workshop was a great chance for promoting the training course “FAke or FAct” in which I recently took part as well as for promoting the Erasmus Plus programme.









Workshop info Rebeka

The following workshop was done in Rebeka´s school in Trnava, Slovakia. Some of her schoolmates were really interested in the topic as Rebeka shared with them new information that she had learnt on our Erasmus+ training course “FAke or FAct”. They also talked about their own experience with fake news and according to Rebeka, It was a really amazing event where her schoolmates could learn something new”


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