FAke or Fact

FAke or FAct interview

Interview of Katarina from Slovakia 

  • Can you give us your opinion about the project “FAke or FAct“? What is the most important thing


    you have learned during the training?

I perceive this project very positively. The topic of the project was very suitable for the present time. The organization of the project was at an excellent level as well as participants were also interested in the project topic and willing to share more about it. 

The project Fake or Fact taught me to distinguish fake news from reality. Distinguish the right website from the fake one. Nowadays, it is crucial to find websites with correct news and information because I personally do not want to spread fake news. Another essential thing is to follow the correct social networks profiles because there can be much fake news on social networks, so we should pay attention to what is on the media. 


  • In your opinion, how can young people deal with propaganda, misinformation and fake news ? Do you have your own tips ? 

Young people often visit the social networks where most misinformation and propaganda is found. I think it would help us young people to spend time differently than on social media. Because the more time we spend in the online environment, the more we spread fake news and unverified information. I also think that we young people should support sites where they do not spread misinformation or pages where the information is verified. By sharing this site with our friends, we will reduce the spread of disinformation sites.


  • How do you plan to share and use your knowledge in your local community ?

I do not have an exact plan or procedure for sharing the information I learned on the project. However, I will always try to share accurate information and not spread disinformation between my family and friends. I will also try not to promote fake sites that try to anger people with their content, so before sharing I will always double check information written there to other accurate sites. Nowadays, “Covid” situation makes it very difficult to find sites that do not spread misinformation but during the project, we learnt different ways to find and check sites, and I would like to share this advice and methods with my family and friends.


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