FAke or Fact

Fact or FAke Interview

Interview of Vlad from Romania 

  • Can you give us your opinion about the project “Fake or Fact”? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

I am very glad to have had the chance to participate in this project.

 To begin with, the opportunity to learn more about misinformation and fake news is really something unique, as unfortunately, formal education usually does not properly cover this topic. The workshops and activities were quite enjoyable; Looking back, I have learned so much without even noticing!

Secondly, I am grateful I learned so much about fake news and combating them,but also about Spain, about all the other countries that participated, about speaking and communicating in English and so on.

Additionally, I feel I really improved myself as an individual, through travelling and socializing with the other participants.

  • In your opinion, how can young people deal with propaganda, misinformation and fake news?

I believe that the best way to fight against fake news is to first learn how to identify them. After identifying them becomes a habit to the reader, the next step would be to raise awareness about the status quo and impact of misinformation.

Raising awareness can be done by projects such as this Erasmus+, but I feel that all countries should step in and add this topic to the education curriculum.

  • How do you plan to share and use your knowledge in your local community?

The first thing I will probably do, would be to debunk as much fake news I hear from friends and family as possible, providing them with the truth (where possible).

After they notice that a huge amount of the information they have on various topics is many times false, I will provide them with the tips , tools and advice that I have learned in the project, in order to help them develop the habit I was mentioning earlier (to identify misinformation).

The last step would be to ask them to do the same thing to others.


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