According to Eurostat, the youth unemployment rate (population aged between 15 and 24 years old) in the European Union has reached 14,9% in 2021, downed from 16.8% in 2020 and from 15.1% in 2019.

Countries with the highest youth unemployment rate in 2020 are Spain with 39,4%, then Greece with 34% and Lithuania with 30,9%. In the contrary, Iceland counts 8,9%, Switzerland has 6,9% and the first place goes to Germany with 5,5%.

This is clearly a challenge for European Union. Suggestions can be made in order to tackle this problem.

For example, I propose :
– Promote professional paths and experiences even in the general sections
– Help companies and institutions that hire young people without much experience and support them during professional experiences
– Add professional orientation courses throughout the school career

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