Islam is not the enemy

Dissemination Campaign – Islam is not the enemy – Bulgarian Team

Amazing dissemination campaign from the Bulgarian participants at our training course in spain! Huge impact of this project on the local communities.

Here some words from the Bulgarian team explaining what they did, and do not forget to check out all the pictures!

“We tried to create awareness about this topic among different types of people located in many cities throughout the country  – older, younger, men, women, friends, colleagues etc. We had discussions with all these people and we shared with them the knowledge we gained from the project. We asked them to send their message to the world through the posters they created and the photos we took. One of the photos shows Alex and Diana with a Christian woman, who owns Turkish shop together with her Muslim husband and they have a daughter, who is an atheist. Another photo shows the daughter of Christian priest, who has the poster “Islam is not the enemy” in her hands. This is an example how we all can live together peacefully and even build families no matter our differences. ”


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