Sharing Experiences – Bulgarian Team – Кръг ЗаМисъл / Cycle For Thought

We spent a truly inspiring week in Malaga and we learned so much about Islamophobia and how to deal with prejudice and how to influence people in a positive way through communication. We shared our points of view and it was really interesting listening to those of other people. The debates got us so much involved in the topic and we learned how to defend different beliefs and find legitimate arguments for each mindset. This exemplifies very well how stereotypes are formed because if you want to believe in something you will always find ways to justify it. We enjoyed all the activities and felt a lot of friendship chemistry towards the other participants on the project.

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Dissemination Campaign – Islam is not the enemy – Bulgarian Team

Amazing dissemination campaign from the Bulgarian participants at our training course in spain! Huge impact of this project on the local communities.

Here some words from the Bulgarian team explaining what they did, and do not forget to check out all the pictures!

“We tried to create awareness about this topic among different types of people located in many cities throughout the country  – older, younger, men, women, friends, colleagues etc.

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Sharing Experiences – Latvia Team – Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs

In May our organisation participated in International Training Course named “Islam is not the enemy”
organised by ASUL association from Belgium and Asociación EuropeYou from Spain

Here is dissemination from our participants. They made local meeting with colleagues, friends, target groups of their workplace and want to share impressions!

➡️ Aleksejs Anisimovs: “As we know according to European islamophobia report, there is an evolution of
Islamophobic developments and incidents in European countries. Although most European countries deny the existence of Islamophobia, anti-Islam and anti-Muslim
sentiment, the report demonstrates that racism and hate crimes against Muslims became widespread and began to normalize throughout Europe. I am representing Latvia as a country with “European values” and the “European way of life” as well as traditional culture, but in practice this actually mean also that diversity is not welcome in my country. To have a good understanding of islamophobia, origins and causes and to build a common understanding of Islamophobia context at national level especially with youth people I participated in this training course. I developed individual skills for recognising and confronting stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, intolerance against Muslims. As experienced youth worker I shared to people with whom I work with the competences and methods to tackle Islamophobia and all negative issues coming with it. People are the main audience of Erasmus+ programme so I am appreciated to have this possibility and to the organisers. They did amazing job to make this training course interesting and productive.

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Sharing experience – Karollay Angulo Zamora

My name is Karollay Angulo Zamora and I took part in the Erasmus Plus training course in Malaga, Spain through the organization “Ruana” that I work with. It was my first experience of this kind and I found it very interesting and stimulating.

I was attracted to the course for three main reasons: the first that the course was in English, which was good to improve my languages skills; the second was the theme of the course; the third was to be able to meet other young people from around the world.

I was particularly interested in the theme of course, which was Islamophobia. Living in Italy, with large numbers of immigrants coming from Islamic countries and the number of attacks we hear about by extremists who carry them out in the name of religion, I hear people talking about Muslim as if they were all terrorist.

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Sharing Experience – Laura Seidl

The project “Islam is not the Enemy” organized by ASUL in Malaga, Spain was an amazing experience which I am extremely grateful to have been part of. Each day, activities that were both informative and interactive were done so that each participant would feel included and would leave the training course with some knowledge on the topic.
The project was also great for networking as people from different countries gathered together to talk about the issue and discuss the different approaches taken by other countries. The highlight of the trip for me would definitely be the debates and scenarios we would play to prove how islamophobia and ignorance are closely linked.
An amazing experience for people to gather and find solutions to tackle this problem.


Sharing experience – Sofia Santos

Taking part in the Erasmus+ training course ‘Islam is not the Enemy’ was an inspiring opportunity to learn more about the dangers of Islamophobia and radicalization. Along with 24 participants from 6 different countries we worked together to find ways to tackle the growing anti-muslim sentiment that has been widespread through Europe recently.
Personally speaking, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course! Contrary to what I expected most activities were fun hands-on tasks which encouraged us to take an active role in adding to the discussion. Some of these include: Role playing activities, mock political campaigns, poster and video presentations, research projects and more. Every exercise was purposeful and well organised which helped us develop both personal and teamwork skills in addition to better understanding the topic as a whole. The activity that stands out to me the most were the large group debates where we had to position ourselves both for and against each issue we discussed, motivating us to understand and argue for both sides of the matter in spite of our personal opinions.

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Sharing experience – Thomas Coutinho Lehnen

My experience in Malaga was outstanding. I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to fly to another country to participate in a training course that dealt with one of Europe’s biggest modern challenges, Islamophobia. I came back home feeling more informed about the issue and more ready to help even further to tackle issues like that in the future.
When I arrived there, I didn’t have many expectations. I wanted to surprise myself and see how it was going to turn out as time passed by. The first days were amazing. We met with the other associations and got to know each other. We ended up building a strong group dynamic that was effective for the days that followed. The coordinators were very responsible people and showed us multiple ways to work on a problem by assigning us to different projects which we had to present.

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Sharing experiences – Santiago Campos

During our week in Malaga at the training ‘Islam is not the Enemy’ I’ve acquired, through the clever application of the Erasmus + structure, the means to critically approach a topic as delicate as islamic radicalization. Not only that but we dealt with the prejudices surrounding Islam that have developed because of the application of the Sharia law, i.e. the more aggressive and violent use of the religion, making Sharia law not islam itself but an alternative application independently responsible for the crimes some tend to associate with Islam.
Islam as such, transcends the religion. It’s not only people but a culture. One that was pervaded all other cultures. Hindsight, Mexican gastronomy is heavily inspired by food developed within the Islamic culture.

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