Sharing experience – Nikola Velkov

If there is one thing in the world that should be regarded higher than all else, it should be the laying and upholding of a set of universal human rights. This is the foundation of a morally mature and functioning society. Unfortunately, in our quality of men, greed, envy and fear of change have always been a hurdle to the establishment of a world in which human rights are respected entirely and everybody is truly equal. This is where education comes into play.

“Everybody is born with human RIGHTS” was a training course which took place in the heart of EU, Brussels. During our 7 day stay there we got a solid grip on the theory and the application of the rights set by the UDHR and the ECHR. Our two trainers were passionate about improving us as human beings, both during the lectures and our free time.

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Sharing experience – Isabel Villarreal

Young people from different European countries met in Brussels to complete a course on human and minority rights.

  • Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”?

This was my first project, so I was a bit nervous at first, but I was very well received by both my colleagues and the organizers, who made sure that the experience was unforgettable. 

We carried out different workshops and activities that allowed us to get to know and deepen our knowledge oh human and minority rights, as well as their application today and possible future proposals in the EU. In addition, in spite of being a very difficult subject, the workshops were carried out in such a way that we were all able to understand and deepen the contents. 

Finally, this project not only allowed me to get to know the subject matter, but also allowed me to meet many people from other countries and make great friends. 

  • Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why we must fight for equality?

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Sharing experience – Jaime Pérez Terol

I was a participant in the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS” that took place in Brussels between 31st August – 7th September. I really liked the projects and that was because of its topic. I am really interested in democratic processes, in human rights and in minorities.

During this project I had the opportunity to learn more about this topic and how they are implemented around Europe and worldly in general. It was nice how we addressed the field with role plays, debates, and presentations, which helped all of us to understand better the human rights situation.

Promoting human rights is important because everyone has to have the right to live a life with dignity. Also, if it is not for them (the minorities, developing regions, etc.) we should do it for us. If we assure human rights for everyone, we are assuring them for us in the future too. Moreover, the more people have human rights and opportunities to live a proper life, the more the world is going to progress.

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Sharing experience – Samuel eghagha

In my opinion the training course was really interesting. It was a really nice experience where I even got to know new people from other countries, and conseguently discover new cultures and traditions.
Thanks to this project I was able to learn new things.I would advise everyone to partecipate in this type of project because it gives the possibility to share opinion with people of other countries.
We must fight for human minorities beacause everyone is equal. Everyone should have the same possibilities. No one should be discriminated for any reason.
My favourite article was “article 14” beacause it’s always there, and it’s the most violated article. The most important thing I learned is how much important is sharing opinions with other people. Now with my. New knowledge I see things from different kinds of view, I’ll share my knowledge while discussing about this topics.

Sharing experience – Katya Aneva

For me it was a real pleasure to participate in the project “Everybody is born with Rights’’ , to meet new young people from different countries interested in the topic of human rights and minorities, to spend one week in non-formal learning process and to share opinions and ideas.  I had the opportunity to learn better the Articles of the UDHR and their importance through discussions, games, role-play games etc.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why we must fight for equality?

Everybody is born with equal human rights. I think that the main problem is that we don’t have a lot of real communication with minority groups in our everyday life so it’s important to interact more with them in order to see that they do not differ so much from us and that we share the same needs and problems and only knowing each other better we can live in peaceful society working together for a better future.

Which of the Articles of the UDHR you found more interesting? Why? 

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Sharing experience – Giorgia Nardi

Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”? 

I think the project “Everybody is born with rights” was interesting and informative, especially thanks to the way we talked about the topic in non-formal lesson (using role play, games and group activities) and give me the opportunity to reflect on simple but very important issue. In addition, this project allowed me to meet people from other countries, discover their tradition, to share my culture and my experiences related to this period of health emergency and to know how the people from other countries are living this times.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why we must fight for equality?

Promoting minority human rights is important because everyone has to know their rights and also respect other people’s right and nowadays no one should be discriminated due to his race, his colour skin, his sexuality and we must fight for equality because we are all equal and everyone has the same rights without any difference.

Which of the Articles of the UDHR you found more interesting? Why?

In my opinion, the most interesting article is the second – “right to life” because it is linked to very different and interesting topics that are not often treated in the correct way as euthanasia or abortion.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

I learned not to take everything for granted above all if it something related to human rights, I discover some cases in which they was violated and I think the best way to share my knowledge is talking with other people sharing my experience and what I learn. 

Sharing experience – Stefania Renda

1: Can you give us your opinion about the project “Everybody is born with RIGHTS”?

In my opinion the training course was really interesting and informative. The project was very compelling, especially the way we were taught; in fact thanks to this informal method of teaching, it kept my interest much more than the common method of instruction. This project allowed me to learn new things and reflect on an increasingly talked about issue. In addition to that, this project afforded me the opportunity to meet people from other countries and consequently learn about diverse cultures and traditions. It was a very positive experience that allowed me to grow as a person and because of this I would advise everyone to participate in similar projects.

2: Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why we must fight for equality?

Promoting minority human rights is extremely necessary because minorities are often at a disadvantage in comparison to the majority of the population. Minority groups need specific types of rights that are meant to protect them from discrimination, prosecution, hostility and violence; which will help guarantee social equality for all. We must fight for equality because around the world a lot of people are being treated with less dignity because they belong to a minority, which doesn’t make sense because all people are of equal value. We are all human beings in the end.

3: Which of the Articles of the UDHR you found more interesting? Why?

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[Project Approved] Everyone is born with RIGHTS

The main aim of “Everyone is born with RIGHTS (EBWR)” project is to develop youth workers knowledge and skills in key concepts of human rights education with minority young people. In this regard, the specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:

-To make participants aware of and deepen their understanding of concepts of human rights.
-To improve practical skills for taking action for asserting human rights of youth minority.
-To understand who are minorities, what are human rights and minority rights, how youth minorities are discriminated and how abuse of human rights minorities can generate negative outcomes.
-To learn what must be done to achieve equality and to create more tolerant societies for youth minorities.
-To learn how to carry out an advocacy campaign.
-To develop a strong network and possibly plan for the creation of human rights local communities and future cooperation projects.