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Brussels – Final Meeting Entrepreneurship Plus

Final transnational project meeting of Entrepreneurship Plus strategic partnership project in Brussels happened 14 December 2019. One of the main project outcomes will be a digital guide about the future prospects of entrepreneurial education that will be published in spring 2020.

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Sharing experience – Zare Kakoyan

I am Zare Kakoyan and am student at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I recently attended the seminar ,,Islam is Not the Enemy,, in Spain. This was a project of EU, Erasmus+. For me the project “Islam is Not the Enemy,” was my first Erasmus Plus project and it was more exciting for me. Everything was new and interesting for me. The topic is a favourite thema  of me, because I want to get involved in the history of religion, because religions have many challenges in the 21st century. The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts. Through the practical part and the games, we made the topic very well known to us in a very short time. Nowadays the topic is very topical and relevant. I think it is very right to do this seminar in Spain, because there is a mixture of the two biggest religions in the world.

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Lamezia Terme – Intermediate Meeting Entrepreneurship Plus

The project’s second transnational meeting was held in Lamezia Terme, Italy 🇮🇹 hosted by Futuro Digitale. The representatives of the partner organisations discussed the project’s results achieved so far and the future plans and activities to be carried out.

Special Thanks to Bastien Lille that represented our association in this opportunity! ⭐️

Thanks to Erasmus+ and Bureau International Jeunesse for making this project possible 😍

The most exciting part is just coming, stay with us! 

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Entrepreneurship Plus – Dissemination of the Project Survey

Hola Chic@s! ☀️

Some photos at JPO with Erasmus+ and European projects! 🚀

Check out www.e-entrepreneurship-plus.eu and find out more about this amazing project! 🤩

Special thanks to all the people interested in the project and to Bureau International Jeunesse for all the support ❤️

As always… TAG your FRIENDS!!! 😍

Brussels – Kick-Off Meeting Entrepreneurship Plus

Very happy to announce the realization of the Kick-Off meeting in Brussels of our KA2 Erasmus+ project. During this meeting we introduced our-self formally and discover more about our amazing partners. moreover, we decided with them about the main organizational guidelines for the next 20 months of this project.

Keep you posted on the next main news! #Staytuned


[Project Approved] Entrepreneurship Plus

The financial crisis of 2008 devastated national economies around the world. European countries are still recovering. But the spotlight is only now beginning to shine on one issue that could fracture national economies again, the youth unemployment crisis. Many 15- to 24-year-olds are struggling to find jobs, to further their education and to cope with a new world order in which they perceive they have no role.

Indeed, while the Eurozone overall unemployment rate came in at 8.9% for September 2017, the lowest rate since February 2009, the region’s youth unemployment for those aged 15-24 remains high. According to recent Eurostat data, 3.722 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in 2017 in the EU28, a decrease of 380,000 as compared with October 2016. The lowest youth unemployment rates were observed in Germany (6.6 %) and the Czech Republic (7,2 %), while the highest were recorded in Greece (40.2 % in August 2017), Spain (38.2 %) and Italy (34.7 %). These figures demonstrate that youth unemployment still remains high across the EU.

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