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Sharing experiences – Smaranda-Ioana Vlad

Last December I was more than excited to participate in an amazing project in Brussels-“EUnique Identity” along with other 5 nationalities.

There are several reasons why I will remember this project for a very long time and some of them will be developed below.

First of all, being surrounded by people form 5 other countries: Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium made me aware of how different we are as cultures. It was very fun to get lost on the streets of Brussels and to discover meanwhile how other languages sound and what makes every country special. The intercultural night also helped with this when I was able to taste some specific traditional food (…and drinks!)

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Interview – Maya Yordanova

Maya participated in the Training Course “EUnique Identity” organized by ASUL in Brussels, Belgium.

Hello Maya! Can you give us your opinion about the project “EUnique Identity” Brussels, Belgium?

The project was really fun! It was such a pleasure visiting the EU-Parliament and the EU-Commission! I believe it was a good experience and I got quite a lot of information about different topics connected to the EU-Institutions and what the EU is. I also think that it was good, that we also had the time to explore the beautiful Brussels.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

I learned that there are a lot more things that the EU can provide to the young people, like different projects, traineeship programs and a lot more. I learned how important it is to actually promote more involvement in the elections of our representatives in the EU-Parliament  among our fellow citizens and that we also can participate in the political life. I learned that I have a lot more to learn about the EU overall and that I should keep a closer look at what’s happening in all fellow EU-countries.

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Sharing experiences – Vincenzo Giudice

Having the opportunity to visit the European Institutions was an inspiring and amazing chance to discover the wonderful mechanisms of European democracy. During this training course we had the chance to visit the European parliament, we were welcomed by a Member of European parliament and his staff that explained us how the EU works and what are the main daily aspects in the temple of European democracy and I love the fact that they make us discover by our self the key points and aspects of the European Identity.

I personally enjoyed the participation in the several workshops and activities proposed. In the European commission, where we could interact with experts in different fields after having understood by our self though specific games and actions the beauty of Europe and the wide range of possibilities that all the institutions bring us. We could through this experience learn a lot about different cultures and understand how people around Europe work and live. This was a wonderful and well-organized project. I hope there will be orders and hope to come back soon in Brussels again!

Sharing experiences – Madalina Maria

On 17 December I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the training course “EUnique Identity”, in Bruxelles, Belgium, host of the main European Institutions.

I recommend this project to everyone interested to know more about how the European Parliament and European Commission work and also for those looking for an amazing intercultural experience.

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Sharing experiences – Marion Prevot

Marion participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Social entrepreneurship 4 All was a great experience to meet new people and to learn new things. I am really happy that I have participated to this program. The days were well organized with non-formal games which made me discover a new asset of management and team building. I think I will use some of the workshops for my future job. But at the same time, I learned some useful tools to start my own business. The project is great because it joins young people from different European countries and it raises awareness about social enterprises but also it helps discover different nationalities trough their local points of views. The most important thing that I learned during this program is that the European Union is really willing to help young social entrepreneurs to start their own start-ups.

Social entrepreneurs do not think of money as a priority. Their priority is to improve the society, make a better world. And It’s really important that young people get inspiration and trainings because they are the present. They have the energy to make small moves. Sometimes they do not have the knowledge and that is why this kind of program is a great way to learn and share important data. Social entrepreneurs are changing the world even if they start locally.

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Sharing experiences – Elena Cosmina Irina

Elena participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

For me, the project Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL was my second Erasmus Plus Project which took place in Malaga, Spain and it was more than I expected. Although it was a Training Course project which implies more theoretical information than practical, this one had an excellent way to combine the both ways.

The theoretical parts were transposed into practical activities through which the information was better understood and applied. I really liked the diversity of people regarding the culture, experience and lifestyle and their ideas and the fact that they shared their ideas, opinions and advice with us.

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Interview – Chiara, Antonio, Mirko (Associazione RUANA)

Chiara, Antonio and Mirko participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Hello guys! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL“?

In our opinion, the project was really interesting, challenging and fun. The topic and the context were new, but in the end, we learned new things, known new people of different nationalities and different culture, and it was fantastic. This is why we believe everyone should have an experience of this kind in their live.


What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?
During the project, thanks to the activities and presentations on the various topics related to Social Entrepreneurship, we learned a lot. Many of the things were new, but the topic was so interesting and current that learning was easier. In addition, games and group activities have allowed us to deepen the most important concepts. Two important concepts are those that: for young people, in Europe, there are many interesting possibilities that must be exploited to realize their projects and that to achieve something good, cooperation is important.

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Interview – Alexandra Berecova

Alexandra participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Hello Alexandra! Can you give us your opinion about the project „Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL“?
I am sure that I will recommend this training course everyone who is interested in Business and Social Entrepreneurship. I consider the project „Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL“, as very good organised, with a lot of different activities where we have the opportunity to learn new knowledge and information but also share our experiences and ideas.


What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?
We had interesting workshops and presentations where we learnt a lot about Social Entrepreneurship. We quite often worked in groups or teams what created more space for sharing our individual experiences and ideas. During this training, I also learnt a lot new about other cultures and people from different countries, other habits, tradition and etc. Working in teams have also improved our communication and presentation skills. During the whole project was very friendly and motivating atmosphere. I also met a lot of people from different organisations what is very useful for my work and it has opened also possibilities for future cooperation.

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Sharing experiences – Madalina Neagu

Madalina participated in the Training Course “Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain.

“Social Entrepreneurship for ALL” project was for me one of the best experience I have ever had. I had the opportunity to meet people with similar ideas as mine and to learn a lot of things about Social Entrepreneurship practice all over the world.
It was a very nice experience to be in different teams during the project, because I had the opportunity to know more not only about social entrepreneurship but also about people from different countries with different cultures than mine.
Social Entrepreneurship is nowadays the engine of improving society’s life, Social Entrepreneurship is not only about making profit but also about having an ideal, more important than what you can gain from business. It is about your ethic to find your sense in life and to make it count.

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Interview – Debora Dimova (Asociación EuropeYou)

Debora participated in the Training Course Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL” organized by ASUL in Málaga area, Spain

Hello Debora! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Social Entrepreneurship 4 ALL?
For me, the project was really great experience to learn new knowledge on the topic as well share good practices with the other participants. I think that the group was very interesting and balance. There were participants who already have their own social enterprises as well youngsters interested to open their new social businesses. All team building and group activities were really productive since we could learn from each other and discuss in details different aspects related to social entrepreneurship. In addition, the intercultural aspect of the training was very positive, since we had a chance to share more about our cultures, visions and beliefs. 

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