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Sharing experiences – Vincenzo Giudice

Having the opportunity to visit the European Institutions was an inspiring and amazing chance to discover the wonderful mechanisms of European democracy. During this training course we had the chance to visit the European parliament, we were welcomed by a Member of European parliament and his staff that explained us how the EU works and what are the main daily aspects in the temple of European democracy and I love the fact that they make us discover by our self the key points and aspects of the European Identity.

I personally enjoyed the participation in the several workshops and activities proposed. In the European commission, where we could interact with experts in different fields after having understood by our self though specific games and actions the beauty of Europe and the wide range of possibilities that all the institutions bring us. We could through this experience learn a lot about different cultures and understand how people around Europe work and live. This was a wonderful and well-organized project. I hope there will be orders and hope to come back soon in Brussels again!

Conference European Parliament with Lieve Wierinck

We have the pleasure to invite you to an unique EU conference hosted by Member of the European Parliament for Belgium : Lieve WIERINCK. 💫
This event is a great opportunity to learn about the educative tools and opportunities provided by the European institutions and to better understand the challenges and future of Higher Education in Europe.
Moreover, this will also be YOUR CHANCE to have an overview of the inside of the Europe Parliament and meet a Belgian MEP!
☑ Lieve Wierinck – Member of the European Parliament
☑ Expert in higher education
☑ Professor of university (to be confirmed)
☑ Alumni having participated to an EU projects
☑ Head of Erasmus (+) program
☑ European Entrepreneurs

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Conference European Parliament with MEP Brando Benifei

Great conference tonight! Special thanks to MEP Brando Benifei that make this event happen 🌟 Thanks to our expert Alexandre Renoux and his intervention 🇪🇺 Thanks to our amazing Natalia Cediel that join us in this occasion 🔥 and all the people that make this possible 😍

#EuropeanParliament #BrandoBenifei #Policymakers

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Conference European Parliament

Italy and Latin America : a bridge of innovative and digital opportunities 

A meeting on the current situation and perspectives of creative, digital and innovative ecosystems in Latin America and Italy.

MEP Brando Benifei, group of the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats

Mr. Francisco Coy, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Colombia
Mr. César Beltrán, President, Latin American University Association – Asul, ULB

Mr. Sinouhé Monteiro, CEO EWALA
Mr. Eros Maccioni, Revised Communication Manager

Conference with Colombian Ambassador Rodrigo Rivera

——- English
The current international environment includes new threats and new challenges for both countries of Latin America and the EU and emphasized the need to strengthen partnership and cooperation between these continents.
The Ambassador of Colombia to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg will share with you his experience as ambassador. Explaining the work of ambassador, what are the challenges, objectives and forces that must be had to carry out this mission of representation also looking at the mutual advantages that relations between Colombia, the European Union Belgium and Luxembourg can bring to these Countries.
We will have the presence of the vice-rector in international relations representing the authorities of the ULB and we will have the opportunity to speak with an expert on international development projects with experience in different countries of the world such as the United States, Chile, South Africa, China, Switzerland, Italy and others.
We hope this meeting is to your liking. Hope see you all!
——- Español

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