Interviews / sharing experiences

Sharing Experiences – Danish Team

after the very successful project “Stop Hate” in Torremolinos at the beginning of November about online hate speech and how to produce effective counter-narratives we (Danish Youth Team) organized a workshop to bring more local awareness about this very relevant and important topic in Aarhus, Denmark.
Find attached pictures about our internal meeting in November in the office where we discussed how to organize the workshop about “Stop Hate“.
And finally, some pictures we took during the afternoon, where we held the dissemination workshop at the beginning of December. Lots of interested youngsters and students approached us and wanted to know more. It is still a topic that has not enough awareness but involves and affects (almost) everyone in our society, hence projects like this are an important part to raise this awareness and start doing something against it.
Thank you again for organizing this project, it was very eye-opening, and made strong human connections across Europe possible.

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Sharing Experiences – Belgian Team

Our experience in Torremolinos was very interesting, we had the opportunity to spend very intense days full of different activities which helped us discover the city, the people, and  Europe that are increasingly attentive to the issues of integration and education. Incredibly, we managed to create an environment of complicity in a few days.

In Torremolinos, we were happy to be able to share our personal experience with other guys from different cultural backgrounds. Without any doubt, it was an experience that enriched us, allowing us to get “out of the box” and learn about new dynamics. The beauty of this project was the fact that the participants came from different European cities and this led us to live a unique training experience together.

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Sharing Experiences – German Team

The smooth organisation of the seminars and cozy south european city left us with vivid impressions on the way back home. Discussions about hate speech in Malaga left more questions than answers (what actually seems to be a great result!). And those we were ready to throw on a joint discussion back to Berlin.
What should one understand under the term „hate speech“? Where are the limits of „hate speech“? Must the comments in social networks be somehow controlled? Should the narrative of politicians be in a way limited?
The term „hate speech“ itself is quite ambiguous, what led out workshop also to arguments. However, one can see and agree on the misuse of the most accessible tool: the language. It has actually no manual. Should there be written one?

Sharing Experiences – Hungarian Team

From the 4th to the 11th of November we had the opportunity to take part in the training cours e STOP HATE in the Spanish city Torremolinos that aimed to equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop practical tools and counter-arguments to online hate speech which they can use in work with young people. It was an Erasmus+ KA1 training course, so all the activities were done through the methods of non-formal education (for example role plays, simulations, acting…).

Our sending organization (ICRP Budapest – Institute for Cultural Relations Policy) helped us to plan our travel and the hosting organization ASUL (Association Universitaire Latino-Américaine) organized our stay in Málaga. The project involved 24 participants between 18-35 years old representing Belgium, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and Romania, but the participants came basically from all over the world.

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Sharing Experiences – Romanian Team

I think that being part of an international project it’s very important for us. Getting to know other people and being involved in international activities opens us up and we can see the world different.

After taking part in the training course “Stop Hate”, I realized how important it is to speak your mind, to see that the world itself it’s changing day after day and that we should be more patient with people around us. We are not alone of course and most of the time we can be close to someone who needs help and support. There are many ideas spread around and we should listen to others and try to understand their life and their decisions without judging.

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Sharing experience – Zare Kakoyan

I am Zare Kakoyan and am student at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I recently attended the seminar ,,Islam is Not the Enemy,, in Spain. This was a project of EU, Erasmus+. For me the project “Islam is Not the Enemy,” was my first Erasmus Plus project and it was more exciting for me. Everything was new and interesting for me. The topic is a favourite thema  of me, because I want to get involved in the history of religion, because religions have many challenges in the 21st century. The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts. Through the practical part and the games, we made the topic very well known to us in a very short time. Nowadays the topic is very topical and relevant. I think it is very right to do this seminar in Spain, because there is a mixture of the two biggest religions in the world.

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Sharing Experiences – Bulgarian Team – Кръг ЗаМисъл / Cycle For Thought

We spent a truly inspiring week in Malaga and we learned so much about Islamophobia and how to deal with prejudice and how to influence people in a positive way through communication. We shared our points of view and it was really interesting listening to those of other people. The debates got us so much involved in the topic and we learned how to defend different beliefs and find legitimate arguments for each mindset. This exemplifies very well how stereotypes are formed because if you want to believe in something you will always find ways to justify it. We enjoyed all the activities and felt a lot of friendship chemistry towards the other participants on the project.

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Dissemination Campaign – Islam is not the enemy – Bulgarian Team

Amazing dissemination campaign from the Bulgarian participants at our training course in spain! Huge impact of this project on the local communities.

Here some words from the Bulgarian team explaining what they did, and do not forget to check out all the pictures!

“We tried to create awareness about this topic among different types of people located in many cities throughout the country  – older, younger, men, women, friends, colleagues etc.

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Sharing Experiences – Latvia Team – Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs

In May our organisation participated in International Training Course named “Islam is not the enemy”
organised by ASUL association from Belgium and Asociación EuropeYou from Spain

Here is dissemination from our participants. They made local meeting with colleagues, friends, target groups of their workplace and want to share impressions!

➡️ Aleksejs Anisimovs: “As we know according to European islamophobia report, there is an evolution of
Islamophobic developments and incidents in European countries. Although most European countries deny the existence of Islamophobia, anti-Islam and anti-Muslim
sentiment, the report demonstrates that racism and hate crimes against Muslims became widespread and began to normalize throughout Europe. I am representing Latvia as a country with “European values” and the “European way of life” as well as traditional culture, but in practice this actually mean also that diversity is not welcome in my country. To have a good understanding of islamophobia, origins and causes and to build a common understanding of Islamophobia context at national level especially with youth people I participated in this training course. I developed individual skills for recognising and confronting stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, intolerance against Muslims. As experienced youth worker I shared to people with whom I work with the competences and methods to tackle Islamophobia and all negative issues coming with it. People are the main audience of Erasmus+ programme so I am appreciated to have this possibility and to the organisers. They did amazing job to make this training course interesting and productive.

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