European Projects, Youth Workers 4 Global Goals

Cartagena de indias – Training Week

Great #trainingcourse in #colombia 🇨🇴  youth workers coming from #estonia, #spain, #denmark, #belgium, #colombia, #peru and #argentina will have the opportunity to share good practice on the 17 sustainable developments goals as well as to contribute towards their achievement. 👈

During our #trainingweek, participants had an opportunity to get to know each other better, share their experience on project topics and discover the beauty of each other culture. All this was possible thanks to the many #nonformal games and group activities that were carried out during the event in #cartagenadeindias, Colombia. 🇨🇴
Discussing what will be the first three policies #youthworkers would like to #change if they had the chance to lead the world after #COVID19 pandemy 🤓 as well as finding solutions through a #roleplay games to some of the #sdgs2030:
👉 gender equality,
👉 climate action,
👉 digital innovation,
👉 clean energy,
👉 justice and
👉 life below water.
The #yw4gg training course in #Colombia was a great chance for #youthworkers to learn more about the #colombian culture and history thanks to the local visits that have been done during the project.


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