Our activities are multiple : we are organizing meetings, events, also discussions around european topics. You can find here the resume of all our oportunities, and activities that we are preparing.
  • Malaga – Project Approved! Erasmus + & BIJ

    Malaga – Project Approved! Erasmus + & BIJ

    The changes in the world economy and technologies together with globalisation and society development strongly influence on a labour market. There is no anymore “job for life”, the industrial and physical work is becoming less needed giving the way to creativity-focused professions and due to high competition in business sector and economic problems employers are […]

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  • Project Approved!

    Project Approved!

    We are very glad to announce that our project to open a free sign language course at ULB has been approved by the “Stéphane HESSEL grant” that helps to subsidize citizen and solidarity projects initiated by ULB students.

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  • Conference European Parliament

    Conference European Parliament

    Italy and Latin America : a bridge of innovative and digital opportunities  A meeting on the current situation and perspectives of creative, digital and innovative ecosystems in Latin America and Italy. MEP Brando Benifei, group of the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats Mr. Francisco Coy, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Colombia Mr. César Beltrán, President, […]

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  • Conference ULB

    Conference ULB

    Post-Conflict in Colombia: the university as a key player in the construction of peace territories Monica Reinartz: «The University: educational territory of Peace» Víctor Martín «Mediation and post-conflict: the construction of Peace territories» César Beltrán: «Migration, integration of young people and post-conflict»

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  • Spanish Courses – Oral Practices

    Spanish Courses – Oral Practices

    We participate in the learning and improvement of the Spanish language by giving free weekly one hour of course “Spanish Conversation”. The goal ? Speak in Spanish on topics of society, current affairs or conversation with a native teacher.

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  • Survey EEAS

    Survey EEAS

    In cooperation with the European External Action Service (EEAS), the aim is to gather information in order to prepare a report as part of the overall strategy for foreign and security policy and the new consensus for development (the agenda 2030) of the European Commission on the EU’s engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean

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  • Foro Español

    What is the concept of the “foro”? This is an open microphone where students learning Spanish have the opportunity to present a number (dance, theater, singing, instrument, reading poems, presentation on movies / series / music / singers, recipes, …). You are free to choose a domain, the only condition is that it is presented […]

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  • Lunch Solidaire

    Lunch Solidaire

    A moment of sharing and discovery around Latin American specialties: empanadas, jugo guarana, carne con patatas, buñuelos, guacamole

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  • Conference with Colombian Ambassador Rodrigo Rivera

    Conference with Colombian Ambassador Rodrigo Rivera

    ——- English The current international environment includes new threats and new challenges for both countries of Latin America and the EU and emphasized the need to strengthen partnership and cooperation between these continents. The Ambassador of Colombia to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg will share with you his experience as ambassador. Explaining the work […]

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