[Project Approved] Stop Hate

Very happy to announce the approval of this project.

The main aim of “STOP HATE” is to equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop practical tools and counter-arguments to online hate speech which they can use in work with young people. In this regard, the specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:

-To recognize what online hate speech is.
-To know the difference between freedom of speech and what is prohibited, such as illegal hate speech.
-To understand how social media is used to recruit followers to the hate speech narrative, especially the terroristic ones, and ideas and their influence on young people.
-To provide advice and information regarding the different institutions promoting the respect and the protection of human rights across Europe.
-To introduce youth workers the “Bookmarks” (revised version 2016). The manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education.
-To strengthen the role of youth organisations in identifying and speaking up against illegal online hate speech and those human rights violations affecting especially young people.
-To develop youth workers’ competencies in planning cross border and international campaign for countering online hate speech.

Sharing experience – Zare Kakoyan

I am Zare Kakoyan and am student at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I recently attended the seminar ,,Islam is Not the Enemy,, in Spain. This was a project of EU, Erasmus+. For me the project “Islam is Not the Enemy,” was my first Erasmus Plus project and it was more exciting for me. Everything was new and interesting for me. The topic is a favourite thema  of me, because I want to get involved in the history of religion, because religions have many challenges in the 21st century. The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts. Through the practical part and the games, we made the topic very well known to us in a very short time. Nowadays the topic is very topical and relevant. I think it is very right to do this seminar in Spain, because there is a mixture of the two biggest religions in the world.

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Sharing Experiences – Bulgarian Team – Кръг ЗаМисъл / Cycle For Thought

We spent a truly inspiring week in Malaga and we learned so much about Islamophobia and how to deal with prejudice and how to influence people in a positive way through communication. We shared our points of view and it was really interesting listening to those of other people. The debates got us so much involved in the topic and we learned how to defend different beliefs and find legitimate arguments for each mindset. This exemplifies very well how stereotypes are formed because if you want to believe in something you will always find ways to justify it. We enjoyed all the activities and felt a lot of friendship chemistry towards the other participants on the project.

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Dissemination Campaign – Islam is not the enemy – Bulgarian Team

Amazing dissemination campaign from the Bulgarian participants at our training course in spain! Huge impact of this project on the local communities.

Here some words from the Bulgarian team explaining what they did, and do not forget to check out all the pictures!

“We tried to create awareness about this topic among different types of people located in many cities throughout the country  – older, younger, men, women, friends, colleagues etc.

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Sharing Experiences – Latvia Team – Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs

In May our organisation participated in International Training Course named “Islam is not the enemy”
organised by ASUL association from Belgium and Asociación EuropeYou from Spain

Here is dissemination from our participants. They made local meeting with colleagues, friends, target groups of their workplace and want to share impressions!

➡️ Aleksejs Anisimovs: “As we know according to European islamophobia report, there is an evolution of
Islamophobic developments and incidents in European countries. Although most European countries deny the existence of Islamophobia, anti-Islam and anti-Muslim
sentiment, the report demonstrates that racism and hate crimes against Muslims became widespread and began to normalize throughout Europe. I am representing Latvia as a country with “European values” and the “European way of life” as well as traditional culture, but in practice this actually mean also that diversity is not welcome in my country. To have a good understanding of islamophobia, origins and causes and to build a common understanding of Islamophobia context at national level especially with youth people I participated in this training course. I developed individual skills for recognising and confronting stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, intolerance against Muslims. As experienced youth worker I shared to people with whom I work with the competences and methods to tackle Islamophobia and all negative issues coming with it. People are the main audience of Erasmus+ programme so I am appreciated to have this possibility and to the organisers. They did amazing job to make this training course interesting and productive.

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Lamezia Terme – Intermediate Meeting Entrepreneurship Plus

The project’s second transnational meeting was held in Lamezia Terme, Italy 🇮🇹 hosted by Futuro Digitale. The representatives of the partner organisations discussed the project’s results achieved so far and the future plans and activities to be carried out.

Special Thanks to Bastien Lille that represented our association in this opportunity! ⭐️

Thanks to Erasmus+ and Bureau International Jeunesse for making this project possible 😍

The most exciting part is just coming, stay with us! 

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Sharing experience – Karollay Angulo Zamora

My name is Karollay Angulo Zamora and I took part in the Erasmus Plus training course in Malaga, Spain through the organization “Ruana” that I work with. It was my first experience of this kind and I found it very interesting and stimulating.

I was attracted to the course for three main reasons: the first that the course was in English, which was good to improve my languages skills; the second was the theme of the course; the third was to be able to meet other young people from around the world.

I was particularly interested in the theme of course, which was Islamophobia. Living in Italy, with large numbers of immigrants coming from Islamic countries and the number of attacks we hear about by extremists who carry them out in the name of religion, I hear people talking about Muslim as if they were all terrorist.

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