About us

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We are ASUL: a young and dynamic European association.

ASUL : University Latin-American Association (in french: Association Universitaire latino-américaine) is a non-profitorganization aiming to:
  • Cooperate for the integration and awareness of the different cultures present in the university, national and international reality, in particular Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Encourage social, economic and cultural development and inclusion through academic, national and international co-operation, particularly in Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Educational and Knowledge improvement with other national and international associations and organizations operating in the same field of development and cooperation.
  • Promotion of peace processes thought the organisation of international conferences and seminars with political representatives of Europe and Latin America
The strength of this association? We are located in the heart of the European institutions and we have a strong network of contacts within universities and diplomatic representations around the world.

Our history

The origin of ASUL goes back to the benches of the faculty where in the first year of Bachelier the founders met and quickly saw the lack of representation and initiative for the university and Latin American community. Wanting to work in a real and effective way, the creation of a non-profit association in the heart of the European institutions is in this cosmopolitan city that Brussels has quickly imposed itself.

ASUL and Youth

ASUL has for leitmotiv to reinforce and develop its network within the universities that it is with the students, the researchers or the administrative staff but also within the diplomatic representations.

Indeed, we strongly believe that it is together with each one’s skills and qualities that we can change the situation. Believing in each of us to change the present, AsUL has created the Latin American Circle of the ULB. Projects of all kinds have emerged from this fruitful project, particularly in the promotion and dissemination of Latin American culture: screening films from the rich Latin American film culture, tasting dishes typical of the region, and debates and music. broadcast on the radio.

ASUL and Europe

ASUL is also present in larger projects, especially at European level such as Erasmus + projects. We are also very active at conferences we organize in Brussels in particular. We accept any collaboration within our principles. We would be happy to get in touch: email, phone, appointment … with you if you are willing to get involved in promising projects for the university and / or Latin American community.

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